Corporate Governance Services

Kugman Partners professionals assume various Board Member and C-Suite roles to ensure that corporate governance and management is properly maintained at all times. Additionally, we make certain that practical and executable action plans become reality for corporations and their boards, shareholders, and operating partners.


Board of Directors

Brent Kugman and other members of the Kugman team have been appointed board members, including Board Chair, Lead Director and Compensation Committee Chair, for boards held by private equity when professional independent board members are a necessity. Our professional experience is valued in the investment and banking communities among organizations of business influence.


Chief Restructuring Officer

In many instances, our firm acts as Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) for a company. We have served clients in numerous industries including advertising, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, paper, hospitality, and service industries. Our famous “light touch” CRO model provides for existing management to focus on specific matters while our expertise can be used to create a new foundation for the company’s balance sheet and operations.


Interim Management

Kugman Partners serves in other C-suite and management roles. We have acted as CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager and Secretary in order to assist the company and its stakeholders in re-establishing credibility. We have also been appointed as board members for various companies and currently serve in these capacities for our clients.


Transition Services

Various parties that have management, economic or legal influence within a company can face issues that appear challenging during special situations. These situations can be best managed or co-managed by third party professionals who can manage the risk, address corporate conduct and prioritize appropriate actions. This may include the appointment of a Kugman Partners professional as Receiver or other trustee-related position to effect and actively manage liquidation scenarios when appropriate.

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