Corporate Development Services

Target Acquisition Candidates

Kugman Partners identifies acquisition candidates from our pre-screened industry database. We also leverage our extensive relationships with organizations that have significant economic and legal influence in the business community, providing significant value to our clients. We then perform a comprehensive analysis of the targets to determine which companies are viable options for the purchaser.

Operational and Financial Due Diligence

Analysis of current business practices of the acquisition candidate is essential to the process. This allows our clients to use our financial and operating practices and our tools to arrive at an accurate valuation of the target and value inside a particular platform once integrated.

Structuring of Acquisition

Our clients draw on Kugman Partners’ expertise within as well as outside our firm to structure each transaction in a thoughtful manner suitable for swift closure. Using our extensive management experience, we work to identify and develop the strengths of both organizations resulting in a successful acquisition and smooth ongoing operations.

Implementation of Integration and Operating Plan

Our professionals assess and refine business plans, insuring that implementation of the execution strategy associated with the plan is achievable and providing a strengthened position for the combined entity, including improvement of manufacturing throughput and asset utilization.