Advisory Services


Profit Improvement

Kugman Partners evaluates our clients’ financial and operational positions, identifying opportunities to quickly restore and manage liquidity. Critical issues are prioritized to further stabilize the business. Simultaneously, Kugman Partners is formulating viable alternatives and presenting specific, long-term action plans for the stakeholders. With a strong focus on market position, customer rationalization, supply chain justification, and many other business metrics affecting longevity, we collaborate with management to identify problem areas and develop a strategy that establishes measurable goals for the operating entity. We stress process enhancement leading to process excellence.


Reposition or Restructure

We help build a profitable future for our clients by repositioning financial and operational variables affecting the company. The strategies we employ include restructuring debt, securing new debt and debt traunches or equity, negotiating settlements with credit grantors and/or divesting or consolidating segments of the business in order to provide our client a strong financial foundation.



In some instances, it may be best to consider a judicial Reorganization. We assist companies in developing viable plans and gaining lender and investor support.  At the same time, we implement operational strategies that are supportable by all constituencies. Additionally, we liaise with proper court representatives to assist in managing the administration of proceedings effectively.


Banking and Business Sale

The sale of a company or segment that is not directly related to the core business and other competencies can create the best outcome for all interested parties. Kugman Partners can help guide the decision process to achieve the desired goal: to preserve the company’s core business and provide capital while maintaining continuity for the company’s operation and its employees.



At times, a purchase strategy or merger can be the most successful repositioning strategy available to a company. At the same time, it can present external challenges including changing credit markets and valuation multiples. However, once a company is properly restructured, acquiring a target company and securing necessary capital can be an excellent end game solution. Through its strong network, Kugman Partners sources targets, assists in structuring a transaction and ensures proper capitalization levels are achieved for new operations.

Guiding Successful Outcomes.

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